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21st Century Home Builder

Foster Green Design + Build, LLC builds homes that meet or exceed code compliant structures. We accomplish this by using factory built components that allow us to deliver homes weeks before "stick-built" constructed homes. We utilize factory built components in a controlled environment giving us the ability to deliver homes with a consistent quality, minimal waste and with lower labor costs. Foster Green Homes can be built in many different styles with few limitations.

Our homes are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind. Because the structure is built with computer control precision, the homes are tighter than traditional stick-built homes which means there is minimal air and moisture infiltration. Our approach to building enables our homes to operate with lower utility costs and provide our clients a healthy indoor living environment.

The wall components, floor and roof trusses are marked at the factory so that installation on site is seamless, efficient and fast. With a telescoping forklift or crane and an experienced carpentry crew, delivering a quality built home on time and within budget is a our reality.

Experience the Foster Green difference? Give us a call/ text at 773-490-5877 or email: we look forward to building your next home.

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