About Us

As professional home builders, we believe in keeping the design + build process simple by listening carefully to the needs of our clients and developing their ideas through presentation and dialogue. We take the time and effort throughout the duration of each project to deliver a home with an organized and controlled construction process.

Our client-focused approach renders an otherwise complex construction process to one of simplicity. We communicate often educating our clients on what is necessary to deliver a high-performing building that is not only efficient but of quality construction.

Our process oriented delivery gives a property owner full access to the information necessary to make informed decisions at the appropriate time during the construction process. Our budget estimates and milestone schedules provide a resource for the client to track the project’s development so there are no surprises at the end.

If you would like to experience the Foster Green Design + Build difference, call 773-490-5877 or click the button below and be directed to our contact page. We hope to hear from you soon.

Our Home Building Road Map

  1. You have made the decision to build, let's begin your journey..
  2. Discuss you preferred location with us and we will find the lot or tear down opportunity perfect for your family..
  3. Now that we found a site, we need to pick a home plan that is just right for the lot and your family requirements..
  4. We will take your home plan and have it engineered for factory built components..
  5. We will take the soils test and home plan to the engineer so that the foundation can be designed to support your new home..
  6. We will forward your home plans to our trusted trade and supply partners for firm costs to build your home..
  7. We will schedule the construction tasks for your home and complete construction..
  8. We will deliver your New Home !!!