1. 5 Reasons to Verify the Contractor Working on Your Home

    While the homeownership journey is bound to be exciting, owning property comes with some responsibilities. There is no doubt that you will need to make upgrades and repairs to your home at some point. These updates will require that you work with a professional and reliable contractor. Since you will want to make sure that your project is in safe hands, here is why you should verify the contractor…Read More

  2. A Single Mom’s Guide to Home Improvement

    A Single Mom's Guide to I had a friend that bought a house about nine years ago, her son was about to turn three and she reveled in the security of owning her own slice of the American dream. She said that being a single mom was (and is!) both challenging and rewarding, but knew that having a house to call her own was the best thing that ever happened to her and her son. The home that my friend pu…Read More