If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, the floors are probably part of the equation. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the floors of the kitchen and the home are the veins. When people come to visit, friends, family, the neighborhood kids, when dogs come in with wet and dirty paws; the kitchen may be the first place they come and the floors need to be able to hold up to the constant stress of the wear and tear. At Foster Green, we are experts in home remodeling and kitchen designs. We put your style and design needs first and give you a final product that your whole family, dogs and neighborhood kids alike, will love. How do you choose the floor material that is right for your home and family? Read through these kitchen floor materials and learn more about each one to help you decide what is best for your kitchen remodel.

home remodelCeramic Tile

You can’t go wrong with this variety of kitchen floor. It is easy to clean, low in cost, and the options for style, color, and shape of tile are nearly limitless. If you want to add some color or even black and white checkered, this is the way to go. Keep in mind, though, there are cons to this material as well. This type of floor is cold, hard, has the potential to crack as the floors settle with time, and moisture will make the tile slippery.

kitchen remodelNatural Stone

From limestone, slate, granite, and travertine, there are also a lot of options for stone floors in your kitchen remodel. Stone adds a fantastic depth to the kitchen with variations in shades of color, pattern, and texture. With stone floors, they might be the focal point of your kitchen with their timeless style. With stone’s natural beauty, it is also durable. However, stone is also cold, and in the chilly Chicago winters, your toes will be sure to notice. Stone is also not an easy material to use. Depending on the type of stone, it is liable to chip and scratch easily, travertine is known to peel over time and the more porous stone will need to be resealed occasionally. Stone is also on the more expensive end.

local contractorsSolid Wood

Wood, along with stone, are both classic kitchen flooring materials. The color can vary from light brown to dark, almost black, the size can vary from thin boards, to wide, and wood will never go out of style so you don’t need to worry about remodeling for years. This material is also fairly warm when compared to other materials. To give it a fresh appearance, it is relatively simple to sand and refinish. On the other hand, liquids can damage wood if not cleaned up quickly and wood can also dent and scratch.

kitchen remodelVinyl

The biggest advantage of vinyl flooring is that it’s easy on your pocketbook. It was never considered extremely stylish, but designs and colors have become more common, so it is easier to have a stone or wood like floor at a fraction of the cost. This material is also easy to clean and patch if a piece is damaged. Vinyl has a shorter lifespan, showing it’s age after around five years. This material will dent, bubble, or curl over time.


The classic 1960’s flooring material has come back into style but is now considered retro. A natural material made from linseed oil and resins, linoleum can be cut into unique patterns and can come in a wide range of colors and designs. It is also priced well and is durable and easy to clean. This downside of this material is that the color fades and will most likely need to be polished and waxed.

local contractorConcrete

Surprisingly, concrete isn’t just for basement or garage floors. It can give your kitchen remodel an industrial and modern feel. It’s also not just a bland gray color, it can be stained a variety of colors, and also can be given texture. Concrete is also very cool, so area rugs should be considered as well. A bonus of concrete is that if you ever want a change, the subfloor is ready to go to have something added on top of it. This material is challenging to work with and can stain easily.

When you’ve decided which material is best for your home, contact Foster Green, local contractors who will give you the kitchen of your dreams. Whether it’s beautiful stone, classic wood, or affordable linoleum, we are your remodeling experts.

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