When you live in Chicago, you know what winters are like. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a tough time of year with harsh winds and snowstorms. It may seem like the perfect time to stay indoors with a warm fireplace and blankets everywhere, in your cozy den. But what if you don’t have a den? What if you don’t have a fireplace? What if your room to cuddle in just isn’t that cozy? It might be time to remodel. You might be asking yourself, “Who remodels in the winter?” Read on to learn why remodeling at this time of year could be beneficial.

kitchen remodelTackle Your Indoor Projects

The cold seasons are typically slower times of the year for contractors, but if you have indoor remodeling, it may be perfect because the contractor could have some extra time. Whether it’s flooring, drywall or replacing cabinets, indoor remodeling can be done easier in winter than external projects.

Take Advantage of Lower Prices

Because the warmer seasons are more popular for remodeling the home, prices go up as well. When manufacturers want to reduce inventory in the winter time they often will reduce prices and feature sales. If you’re planning doing a kitchen remodel, grab the deals offered while you can on lumber for new cabinets and appliances.

No Need to Worry About Clean Up

With new technologies, it is now easier and more efficient to keep things neat and to clean up after the remodel. With plastic zip doors and sealing off ducts with a filter that will keep dust and fumes out of the work area, you don’t need to worry about breathing in harmful dust or chemicals. You can finish your basement and add that fireplace you’ve always wanted in time to enjoy it.

Now, you don’t need to wait for spring to start that basement remodel or kitchen upgrade. Reap the benefits of savings and convenient schedules and create your space the way you’ve always dreamed. Contact the designers and contractors at Foster Green today.