Should You Prewire Your New Home for SecurityA security system is vital for the protection of your home, family, belongings, and pets. That is why you should consider the best way to get one installed as well as the timing. And you might be wondering what the benefits of pre wiring your home for security, while it is still under construction, would be. Here is what you should know:

Faster installation

It can take a while to punch holes in the wall and run the wiring you need for most security systems. This is especially true of homes that are already built. However, if you get it prewired, the installers (or you) save a lot of time and hassle since you have access to the wall studs and interior of the home before insulation and everything else is added (Home Security Answers).

Save money

Sometimes, when you get a security system in advance, you can get a better deal. You have more time to shop and compare prices than rushing to get it installed after you move in with the whole family. Installation fees may be lower, and there’s a lot less inconvenience since you aren’t living in the house yet.

You call the shots

If you put the system in while it is being constructed, you can essentially build your home security system yourself (Protect Your Home). You can ensure that you have the right cameras, alarms, and keyboards for your liking. It is more difficult to customize it like this if you don’t pre wire your new home for security.

Upgrades are easier

Just like any other system involving electronics, you need to upgrade your security system every once in a while. This is much more difficult to do if you installed it after the home was built, without taking upgrades into consideration.

Protection from day one

All it takes is a few minutes for a thief or assailant to gain entry to your home and wreak havoc. Vandals have been known to target sites of new home construction as well (Reporter-Herald). Don’t take the risk of even one day without security. Get it done beforehand so the second you move in, all of your valuables and loved ones have the protection they need from a world in which anything could happen.

In today’s world, you need the right home security in your home for peace of mind. It can alert you to fire, carbon poisoning, and theft in the blink of an eye. It could mean the difference between being safe or having a family disaster. So as you draw the plans for your new home, don’t forget the pre wiring!

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