There is nothing better than relaxing or entertaining on an inviting outdoor patio set. Pleasant afternoons with the family having lunch outdoors or summer evenings relaxing with friends are priceless. Comfortable, functional patio furniture helps make an outdoor space come alive, but outdoor furniture faces a disproportionate amount of wear and tear. It is important to select patio furniture that makes sense for your space and climate in order to prevent premature damage.


It is important to consider what type of weather your outdoor furniture will need to withstand. If your local climate is mild, you have many options, but wet or hot locales have more specific needs. In wet coastal areas, it is best to choose furniture made of plastic or resin wicker. Avoid wrought iron in coastal or cold climates due to the high risk of rust. For hot, sunny climates, it is important to get something that won’t become brittle or be bleached by the sun. If you want wood, teak is a good option for all climates as long as it is treated with the proper sealant. Based on your local climate, you can determine the best materials to choose for your outdoor furniture.

Good Quality

Because of the natural weathering that outdoor furniture endures, it is very important that you select high-quality pieces. Furniture with solid joints will hold up much longer than pieces that are glued together. It is also a good idea to treat everything with a weather-resistant protectant. Plastic, wicker, and teak should all be coated with an appropriate sealant. Natural fabrics are ideal, as they fade slower. Cushions should be waterproofed and stain-guarded.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials

With so many different materials to choose from, there is something that will work for everyone. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your personal style. For coastal and tropical decorators, wicker, rattan and resin wicker fit well. If you have a more modern home, it might be best to look at vinyl, metal or aluminum. Steel also offers a sleek industrial look that can add an interesting pop to a modern garden. For a more eclectic appearance, mosaic touches can really add character. Just remember to keep your local climate in mind.


Once you’ve considered the many options in outdoor decorating, it is as simple as letting your personal style guide you. You’ll be enjoying a lovely patio upgrade in no time.

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