The living room can be a large chunk of a home and oftentimes is overflow from other rooms and spaces. A kitchen may flow into the dining room and the dining room can flow into the living room. When home builders design a home, the overall layout and function of these spaces is a priority; details of the design of the living room will come later.

Home BuilderTo begin designing and building a home, the owner should consider how their lifestyle will affect the layout of the home. Do you want an open kitchen that includes an island to separate the kitchen, dining, and living room? Where is the living room in relation to the kitchen and dining room? If you often throw large parties, have a large family, growing family, or if you want a smaller more intimate space, there can be design elements that will create separation or allow easy movement from room to room. When you have developed a strategy for the layout and function of the space, you can focus on the details of the room.

Choose a Focal Point

Oftentimes, a living room will have a focal point, something where the furniture can be arranged around, whether that’s just the center of the room so people can focus on each other, a fireplace, or a picture window. Other times, the living room tends to function more as a “great room,” with multiple spaces where smaller groups of people can gather or an individual can spend some time alone. Any single focal point or a combination can be used in designing your living room.


When a fireplace is a focal point for a room, there can be several design elements to allow it to stand out. The fireplace itself can have a large facade with detailed stonework. Using different materials can give the space a unique appearance, using stone or brick for the fireplace with custom woodworking surrounding the fireplace. Built-in custom cabinets on either side of the fireplace gives an opportunity for storage space or open shelving can be used to display ornaments or photos. A fireplace with a mantle doesn’t have to be the standard design.

Reading Nook

Allowing people to separate themselves from other spaces, bookcases, custom cabinets, or shelving with detailed custom woodworking can create a space that can be used as a reading nook. Woodworking doesn’t have to be just for cabinets, but utilizing this element for baseboards, chair molding, and wall trim will create unique details.

Custom CabinetsWindows or Patio Doors

A living room without windows would be a dim and drab space. A wall of windows will open up the space by letting light in and creating a view to the outdoors. Custom woodworking on window molding may not be obvious when glancing over a room, but when the windows become a focal point, anyone passing by to look outside will see the attention to detail. With patio doors, the transition itself from the interior to exterior becomes a focal point simply by drawing people towards the view outdoors.

A classic living room layout or a unique great room can still have beautiful custom details that bring the whole space together. Custom cabinets, fireplaces, reading nooks with bookcases that feature custom woodworking all might be separate elements, but when brought together in a cohesive living room, the entire space can be utilized for many different functions.

The home builders at Foster Green are dedicated to building you a custom space that is unique, stylish, and functional. For whatever lifestyle suits you and your family’s needs, we will design and build a home that promotes natural movement and ease of living throughout the home.