Home Improvement Project Return on Investment

Spring is the time when homeowners evaluate projects that they will tackle in the year ahead. Homeowners are divided among those that are looking to renovate for higher resale values and those that want to enjoy the new space with their families. The reason for the remodeling project in the eyes of the homeowner drives the importance of utility vs. cost. What is a home improvement project return on investment?

Remodeling Magazine publishes a report called Cost vs. Value every year to give the public an ideas of the cost recouped if a home was sold after renovation. This home improvement project return on investment report can help you determine if your project is worth pursuing based on your overall objective. In my opinion, it is never good to over improve your home, but if the utility of the renovation is more important to you then by all means proceed with the project and enjoy your space for years to come. If you want a balance between utility and a good financial investment, this report can help you determine the right project for you.