The heart of the home, a kitchen remodel can bring life to a stale house. People tend to gravitate towards the kitchen so our remodeling contractors can create a space that is welcoming to guests and is also functional for anyone who cooks and spends time in the kitchen. When beginning a kitchen remodel it is important to decide which materials you want to use, the layout of your kitchen cabinets and what functionality you want to get out of them, and generally what you want to get out of your kitchen most, whether that’s storage or what appliances you want.

Kitchen RemodelCabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen will often make up the feel of the kitchen. There are several things that can be added to cabinets to increase the purpose of the cabinets. Open shelving can show off cookbooks or kitchenware, pull out drawers can contain trash and recycling containers, and cabinets can hide ice makers or even appliances. Foster Green’s cabinet makers have the expertise and the skills to add beautiful custom cabinets to your kitchen that include the best and newest features. Learn more about our skilled custom woodworking.


Floors are often overlooked in kitchen remodels but are none the less important. A busy family required a floor that is durable, easy to clean, and will last for years. There are several options for flooring materials and deciding which one depends on the use you get out of your kitchen. Popular options include vinyl, wood, and ceramic tiles, but there are also eco-friendly options like bamboo that will add a unique touch to your kitchen remodel. There are also less common materials like concrete which is a more modern choice.


The layout of the kitchen is what will make the space inviting from the rest of the house. With many families choosing to design an open layout kitchen, the space’s layout still needs to be considered. If there is a breakfast bar or a kitchen island, where will these be placed in comparison to the surrounding rooms? Do you want access to the outside from the kitchen? Often, living or dining rooms or doors to the outside are just extensions of the kitchen and moving around in the space comfortably will allow you, your family, and guests to feel at home. Our remodeling contractors will design a space with you that is made for you.

Kitchen CabinetsBacksplash

No surface will be overlooked at Foster Green, even the walls. A backsplash in your kitchen is a subtle focal point and draws the eye in. Materials for a backsplash vary just as much as flooring materials, from glass, ceramic tile, wood, copper, marble, or even tin. The colors and textures within these different materials also vary. The options are endless when bringing together different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials for a backsplash.

Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in pantry is a luxury for many homeowners, but Foster Green can design and build a walk-in pantry that guests will be envious of. This kitchen remodel must-have can include shelves for food items, cabinets for storage, and space for small appliances. Custom cabinets can be created that include counter tops for additional prep space or storage. Our contractors will help you decide which quality materials to use and incorporate the space naturally with the flow of the kitchen.

Take your stale kitchen and with the help of our contractors, turn it into something beautiful and alive. We will work with you to create a space that is inviting to everyone and the room will become a place where the whole family will feel comfortable. It’s time to love the kitchen you spend so much time in.