When it is time to put your home on the market, you want to make sure you make a substantial return on your investment. Fortunately, there are many ways to show off your home’s value and appeal to buyers. Here are five tips to help you out.


Declutter and Simplify

Spaces look larger and more appealing to potential buyers if you don’t fill them with lots of extra furniture and decor. Even if you usually like a cozy home environment, adopt a minimalist lifestyle while your home is on the market. Instead of waiting until right before you move to sort through your belongings, take some time to do so before you put your home up for sale. You can donate items you no longer want or need and get a head start on packing by boxing up decor and personal items.


Take Flattering Photos

One common mistake sellers make is taking pictures of their home during the winter or on a cloudy day. If possible, take flattering photos of your property when the yard looks full of life. Even if you must take your indoor pictures during the winter, consider using an older photo of your home to liven up an online or printed listing.


Spruce Up the Yard

We cannot overstate the importance of a property’s curb appeal. Make sure that your yard is well-tended while your house is on the market. Keep the grass trimmed and any garden beds weeded. In the winter, you can liven up the front of your home with a wreath or other greenery.


Deep Clean

A clean home is another way to communicate to a prospective buyer that you’ve maintained your property well. You might consider hiring a professional to complete a deep clean. That way, when your realtor brings clients to your home, your property will shine.


Create a Flyer

A flyer can be an effective way to highlight your home’s most attractive qualities. Some sellers make their own handouts in addition to the listing created by the realtor. This allows the homeowner to detail specific upgrades or repairs, or emphasize particular features of the home, like a home alarm system or an outdoor barbecue area. Anything that sets that house apart from others in the neighborhood is a great addition to a flyer.

Although some sellers invest thousands of dollars trying to update their property before they sell, these are low-cost ways to ensure your home’s value is clear to anyone who walks through your door. They can only help any homeowner looking to sell their own quickly and for the best possible price.