Effective security is a concern that should be of paramount importance to both property management services and real-estate investors alike. Failing to ensure adequate security can place occupants at greater risk. Even protecting vacant properties can be a smart move. Investing in a security system or working with a security service can often be done for much less than the costs needed to address any damages that may be caused by squatters, vandals or trespassers.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Residential properties that take on a run-down or neglected appearance often make for inviting targets to opportunistic thieves. Exterior building maintenance, routine lawn care, and adequate outdoor lighting are often the first line of defense for property owners seeking to improve security. Replacing, repairing, or upgrading the locks and other security hardware found on-site is another concern that should never be overlooked or taken lightly.

Security Systems

Automated security and alarm systems can provide a superior level of protection for homes and residential properties. These systems can be especially useful in areas where break-ins are common or when protecting vacant properties where no one may be on-site in order to secure the perimeter. According to ProVigil Security Systems, “By using special recognition software that can automatically identify and respond to intruders, remote security guards can actively evaluate potential threats as they occur, and respond appropriately—by contacting monitors, activating remote deterrents, or alerting the local authorities.” Security systems alone are not always sufficient to address every threat but, when used in concert with other resources, such systems can often be very effective.

Protecting Vacant Properties

According to West Bend Insurance, protecting a vacant property can pose a unique challenge, one that may require access to an expanded range of resources. A uniformed patrol service can be an essential asset, one that could help offset the security concerns that may be created when homes remain unoccupied for any length of time. Property managers who lack the time or resources needed to secure all of their real estate holdings would do well to seek out the services and assistance that only the professionals can bring to the table.

Addressing Specific Threats

There is no one security resources or solution able to address every situation or concern. Property owners would do well to learn all they can about any ongoing threats within the neighborhood or area in order to ensure that they are able to be addressed with greater ease and success. A rash of burglary within the area or numerous reports of neighborhood vandalism may indicate the need for heightened security, especially when it comes to protecting vacant properties. From basic upkeep and simple security equipment installations to sophisticated alarm systems and the additional security that may be provided by a third-party service provider, there are plenty of resources that may allow property owners to address specific threats.

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