A lot goes into taking care of your new home. Pest infestations such as ants, cockroaches, termites, rodents, or bed bugs are a serious concern of anyone who owns a home.

Preventing pests is vital to protecting your home investment. According to Preventive Pest Control, “Pests in the home are more than a nuisance. Those pesky bugs are capable of causing damage to the home and transmitting disease to your loved ones.” Consequently, it’s important to ensure that you stop the problem even before it starts.

Screening Your Home for Unwanted Visitors

Houses have many openings other than windows and doors which are usually necessary to the function or design. For example, the roof eave openings are meant to vent your roof. These openings can also double as entrances for pests. Consider covering vents using a steel porch screen to stop rodents from accessing the roof cavity.

Fill in Cracks

Any cracks around the house’s brick exteriors, door frames and windows are access points for insects. Fill in these gaps to prevent insects from accessing your home. If the opening is large, consider contacting a professional to seal it.

Take Out the Trash

Putting food away each day is a good way to ensure ants and cockroaches aren’t attracted to your kitchen. However, a trash can can be tempting to insects even if it has a lid. The best solution is to make sure that you take out your trash every night and keep the outdoor trash container away from your home. The absence of food scraps keeps these creatures hungry, and they will have to leave your house to search for food.

Keep the Household Clutter-Free

Clutter is a perfect breeding and hiding place for all kinds of pests. You can make your home pest free by making sure the house is always clean. Dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming your home regularly will also minimize the probability of pests. Don’t forget to do your spring cleaning every year — this is a great way to keep everything under control.

Groom Your Pets

Dogs and cats can sometimes track outdoor pests into the home. It’s nearly impossible to wash pets every day, but brushing them before they come in the house will minimize the risk of letting bugs into the house. Additionally, consider using monthly tick and flea treatments to ensure pets don’t create a pest problem and spray your backyard with grass-safe tick and flea treatment.

When you follow these prevention tips, it will be easy to stop your home from becoming a pest motel.