Everyone loves the open concept of a home. It provides a way to keep families from being separated throughout the day, which is nice, but it might not be as safe as other floor plans. The downfall of having the open areas within a home is a fire can rapidly take over that area and spread quickly. Some homes offer safer options for building materials and floor plans that help to reduce fire damage in the event of a fire.

The type of home you build or purchase also depends on where you are living. Houses in a high-risk location like California, Florida or even Tornado Alley in the Midwest may have different materials than a home in a lower risk location. Fires cause a lot of damage, and sometimes insurance doesn’t cover everything.

According to Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, they help clients “maximize their insurance policy recoveries while also advising them on dealing with issues surrounding the process of rebuilding or relocating, depending upon their needs.” By preparing your home for the worst case scenario, building with the correct materials, these issues of rebuilding or relocating can be minimized.

When looking to develop or also purchase a home, it is essential to understand the risks involved. And be sure to check if there are options available to make your home a little safer. Here are just a few ideas of home types to think about.

Concrete Houses

Concrete is found in many styles of homes. The material is great for every part of a house, including the roof. If you have a preference of a building style, search for homes that fit the style, but have fire-safe windows, concrete roofing, and a better fire safe floor plan, including rooms with doors that will help contain a fire.

English Style Homes

English cottages, farmhouses, and colonials all offer an aesthetic appeal with both the stone and the style. The rock has that old-time look, but the material is perfect for reducing fire spread. The floor plans usually consist of multiple rooms that are equipped with doors, and the interior often has stone flooring, stone walls, and hardwood materials. The massive beams of wood and the thick wood interior details are a better option when compared to the thin woods that burn quickly.

Mid-century Modern

The styles of these homes mix a lot of materials such as steel, aluminum, and other metal materials. The metal offers a safer choice since it can not burn. It will bend with the heat of a fire, but it will not spread the flames.

Spanish Style Homes

The mix of Native American and European styles create the Spanish home. The curved walls and the colors add to the appeal of this style of home. The typically used roof material is clay, and the house has many features that offer stone, tile, and brick, which are all fire resistant materials. Stucco is often found in this style of home, but stucco is concrete, so it too is an excellent material choice.

The Pueblo Revival Home

Inspired by Pueblo Indians, the homes have materials that are adobe, stone, and other fire resistant materials that make these styles of homes a better choice for reducing fire damage. Not only does it have a lot of forms, but it is also a good choice for reducing fire damage to a home.

These are just some suggestions. However, many other home types can be built with fire-resistant materials. It is about what is best for the area you are living in along with what is in the best interest of your family.