Home Inspections are Important

When purchasing a home or investment property, it is important to thorough inspect areas that will need to be addressed immediately and those items that will need attention at some time in the future. Home inspectors are hired to make you aware of possible deficiencies so that you can enjoyment your new home. The importance of a thorough building inspection can not be overstated. A good inspector will not be an “alarmist” but will give you helpful advice on potential issues that he/she might find.

Over the past few weeks, I have inspected both multifamily and single family residential structures. This first picture depicts a chimney on a 3 unit building. What is wrong with this picture you may wonder. Well the boiler that heats the building exhausts into this chimney. The chimney has no rain cap to keep water from entering and it is too small for its intended use which is to exhaust combustible material.  This chimney should be torn down and rebuilt to accommodate its intended use.

What are the white lines on these ceiling joists you may ask. These are mud tubes produced by termites. This home was a complete rehab completed by a house flipper. Many times the people or companies that buy houses, renovate them and sell them do not have your best interests at heart. This house had many issues that if not brought to the attention of the new family, they would have unexpected costs to pay early on in their home ownership. The leaves from trees and other wood materials at the back of the structure invited these pests to this home. The termites had eaten through over 3 ceiling joists necessary to support the roof. If this had not been brought to the attention of the buyer what do you think would have been the result? This building also had a lot of active movement because of the failure of the joists so much so that the walls started to shift. This wall must be torn down and rebuilt by a licensed mason. It is not enough to just own a home, you must take care of it. When you see issues like this  address it or else leaving it could cost you more money in the long run.

Here is a safety issue that can be easily fixed. This is a stairway leading to a basement entry. Care should be taken by installing a handrail as well as a 36″ railing to prevent a child or adult from falling over the wall.

I hope that you find this article helpful. If you have a comment or question please do so on this site.