Thinking of making some changes? Renovations can be messy and disruptive, so unless you’re really ready to undergo the process, you’ll want to do some research. Luckily there are several sources that can help guide you to the best decisions and purchases for your project.

If you know what you need done, is a great option to help you find the right general contractor or project contractor. This website helps you define the scope of your project and figure out the pricing of each portion. helps you find a qualified local professional to complete your renovation project within their budget. Even if you’re not exactly sure who you need to hire, offers links to general contractors, who can then help you find the electricians, carpenters, or plumbers to make your project happen. is a great option if you’re struggling to find a vision for your renovation. For example, you may want a new kitchen with an island or peninsula instead of a wall to extend into other living areas. What will you do about woodwork and cabinetry? If your living room includes built-in bookcases or media storage and you can see it from the kitchen, how can you keep the space consistent? This is a design dilemma that you can find information about on the forum at before it becomes your problem. In addition, the photograph galleries on are loaded with great ideas for how to put odd corners to the best use. If your place has some unique features that you’re not sure how to address, go to to study what the best designers are doing.


Remodelista is a great source for those hoping to incorporate the very best in modern design into their existing space. If you like classic pieces and want your home and belongings to have a designer’s edge, working with professionals promoted by Remodelista can help you gain access to the very best products available in home design and professionals who know how to use them. Their recommendations make it easy to turn everyday items into wonderful investments you can enjoy for years to come. From the best in furniture to rugs that both design and define your space to spectacular open concept, loft design, or minimalist looks, Remodelista can help you make the purchases that will last for years.

Dwell is a place for homeowners to connect with modern products and materials for their renovations. In addition, you can find links to architects and other professionals who can help you design a home with a modern flair. Dwell isn’t just about design, however. You can find links about useful pieces from storage baskets to dinner plates at Dwell. In addition, fabrics and linens are featured, as well as colors and the very latest in wood tones. If you’re ready to customize your home from plates to pillowcases, has their finger on the pulse of the latest in design.

DIY Network

The DIY Network is a great place for folks who will get their hands dirty. From backyard building projects to front gardens to doing your own demolition, if you want to turn your house into your home, you can find articles, photos and videos on the DIY Network. It’s important to do plenty of research before starting big projects, however, as many DIY shows are only 30 minutes long and most projects take a lot longer than that. Study articles about critically important factors such as safety gear and first aid before you start tearing into projects. The DIY network also has a thriving forum where people write in to get their questions answered. If your house has a space that doesn’t seem to work no matter what you do, check out the forum at DIY network to see what other homeowners are doing with that tiny bedroom or oddly shaped landing. Professionals also weigh in on these forums, so you can not only commiserate but find great answers!

If your home is ready for a facelift but needs more time and skill than you have, check out the websites linked above for great ideas of how to change things for the better. Then, get in touch with our experts. You’ve worked hard for your home and deserve to celebrate your space.