Summer has come to a close, and that can only mean one thing: fall is upon us. Fall is the ideal time to begin being proactive about your home’s ability to keep you warm. The following list entails some of the most crucial areas of your home to concentrate on for this winter.

Repair Openings and Cracks

Even the newest homes are prone to have cracks and small openings spread across their infrastructure. Thus, it is vital for homeowners to now begin looking for these areas of weakness around their property. There area few reasons why covering these up now is so important. One of them is the obvious loss of heat through these cracks. Not only can they make your home cold but cost you hundreds on your energy bill. A lesser-known impact of cracks and openings are bugs. According to Preventive Pest Control, when bugs get into a warm home, they give off chemicals that signal other unwanted pests to come inside. The last thing you want is to be cold and infested by these critters.

Check Your Fireplace

Those living in areas in which only experience cold weather during November and December must check their fireplace before turning it on again. According to Doctor Flue, many issues within the structure of the chimney that we can’t see may pose a danger to your home and family. There are plenty of services out there that offer not only cleaning services but a full-on inspection of your fireplace. In addition, take the time to check with the fireplace repair technician about what is and is not okay to burn in your fireplace. In many cases, paper and cardboard may be too hot for your system.

Repair Roof

Understandably, homeowners tend to shy away from making any major repairs to their homes. Maintenance and labor can be very costly, but not doing anything about potentially dangerous situations can cost you way more in the long run. This does not mean you have to call in the experts automatically. Simply take some binoculars or climb on the roof yourself. It’s a good idea to take proper safety precautions. A good amount of homes with flat surfaces will have issues with moisture damage, as snow and water have no place to go. Raking off the snow can prevent these damages from occurring. Remember not to remove the upper layer of pebbles as those are needed to protect the rest of your roof.

Winter is coming quick, and you don’t want to be unprepared for the cold when it comes. Now is the time to take the necessary precautions to protect your home. Take advantage of tips like those above to help you to protect your home from the harsh winter winds and water before it’s too late.