When your living room seems small and cramped, it is not a very comfortable place to kick back and relax. People with smaller homes often seek ways to open up and make a smaller living room feel roomier. This may require a few modifications to the way your living room is currently laid out, but the effect can seem more dramatic than you may realize. Here are some ways to accomplish this effect easily.


Remove Excess Furniture

A lot of small living rooms simply contain far too much furniture for their own good. By removing large, unnecessary pieces, you can provide your living room with a lot more breathing room, and will undoubtedly make the room a more comfortable place to stretch out in. If the worry here is that you are keeping old antique furniture around for its resell value later, this is generally a bad investment in today’s economy unless you have a truly great piece of furniture to hold on to for the long term. Otherwise, it is better to move it out of the way and make room. Use just one focal piece as the center of your room and make pathways for walking and space for sitting.


Switch to End Tables

While a coffee table can really infringe on a small living room’s real estate, much smaller end tables will help to open a smaller living room up more. One reason is because an end table is not taking up space in the more central regions of the room like a coffee table typically does. Rather, end tables sit off to the side and are generally out of the way. This helps to leave a small living room feel more open and not so encumbered. Use cushioned Sheepskin Town rugs or bean bags as easy to sit on cushions that are easily stored.


Install a Wall Mirror

One way to make your small living room have a larger appearance and lighten things up a bit is to install a large sized wall mirror on one side of the living room. Immediately, this gives the impression that the room is larger than it really is. A mirror can also gather more light from other light sources and reflect it back to considerably brighten up a room. You can also get wider windows installed if you find your traditional four-panes just don’t give you enough daylight.


Once you have removed the excess furniture from your living room and made some other modifications to the way things used to look, your small living room will seem more open, and will be fit for entertaining others. Now that your living room has a new look and feel, it is time to invite your friends and family to come over and check it out for themselves. They are sure to be impressed with what you have done with the place.