A garage is so much more than a place to store your vehicles. Homeowners keep camping equipment, tools, and other recreational equipment in their garages. And if you want a stellar garage to house all of your things, you’ll need to put in a little bit of extra work. There are a couple areas of the garage that you should focus on.


Bright lighting that reaches every corner of the garage is an essential component in your garage design. When you store many items that you don’t necessarily use every day, you’ll need great lighting to make sure you can find everything.

There are three ways that you can get lighting in your garage. The most obvious one is through overhead lighting. The light on the garage opener isn’t going to cut it. You can invest in some tube lighting, which gives bright light that reaches far. Another option is portable lighting for when you’re working on a project so that when you want lighting in a specific place, it’s there for you to move where you need it. A third option is natural light through a window. This can help cut down on your electrical bill.

Garage Storage

This is another essential if you tend to have a lot of items in your garage. Tools can become clutter that’s difficult to sort through and might even become a hazard if you don’t have a place for them. Garage storage materials such as shelves, plastic bins, and pegboards can become your best friend when you need to organize the screws for your woodworking project and the rake for your yard work.¬†Remember that not everything can be stored in a garage. Weapons, food products, or unregistered vehicles¬†cannot be kept there, so try not to plan around those needs. Those items would be better of in more suitable storage.

Custom Flooring Designs

Some types of flooring offer a lot of utility and eye-appeal. Flooring such as epoxy and paint can liven up dull concrete, and interlocking flexible tiles are slip-resistant and soft underfoot. This is great for when you want a comfortable floor that you can stand on for hours completing projects as the cushion can protect your joints and provide added support. Many metal and vinyl flooring options are useful because they make it easier to clean up paint and oil spills.

If you’re looking to add some aesthetic appeal and functionality to your garage, there are many projects that you can incorporate into your design. In general, though, you want to include projects that make your garage more organized and a more fun place to be.

If you feel you need to do a larger remodeling project in order to get what you want in your garage, contact us to see how we can help make this home remodel go as smooth as possible. You may even have a few other remodeling projects on your list of To-Dos that we can help you with too!