Caring For Hardwood Floors


They’re natural, rich, gorgeous, and timeless. It’s no wonder so many people choose hardwood floors for their homes.  Like its name, hardwood feels hard to the touch, but it can be more sensitive than it looks. In this article we will learn how to care for hardwood floors.

What kind of finish does your hardwood floors have?

In order to take care of your floors this is important to know especially when caring for hardwood floors in Chicago.  You must use floor cleaners appropriate for your floor’s finish. Don’t Use a wax-based or petroleum-based product on a hard finish. This type of cleaner will damage the finish and cause buildup. This buildup will ultimately dull and damage your floors.

 The worst enemies of your hardwood floor are grit, sand and dirt

These three act like sandpaper on the surface of the floor. It will become dull due to the scraping and grinding caused when people walk on it. It’s important to clean your floors regularly using a dust mop or vacuum with a floor-brush attachment. Use small mats near outside doors in high-traffic areas to prevent debris from getting further into your house and leave your shoes at the door. With the winters, caring for hardwood floors in Chicago becomes this becomes extremely important.

 Avoid standing water on any part of your hardwood floor

Water can be absorbed into the wood very quickly and can cause swelling. Be sure to wipe up any spills promptly so that warping and discoloration does not take place. It is not advisable to clean your floors with a sponge mop and water. If you need to clean with a liquid, dry the areas as soon as you are finished cleaning. If you have hardwood floors in your kitchen or bathrooms, use a rug in front of sinks to absorb water.

 Protect your floors from your furniture

When moving your furniture lift it rather than drag it and use felt or silicone discs on the feet of the furniture legs to prevent scratches. If you do happen to scratch the floor, get a scratch filler kit of the right color at your local hardware store get a scratch filler kit of the right color at your local hardware store. Sand and smooth the affected area first, then mix the solution to get the exact color. When it has dried, lightly smooth with a low grit sandpaper, then polish.

 Be careful not to have direct sunlight on your hardwood floors

The sun can be strong and have much more power than you may think. Direct sunlight can discolor a hardwood floor so protect it with drapes, curtains or blinds.

Pets are among your hardwood floor’s biggest enemies

They have claws and nails that scratch surfaces. Keep your pet’s nails well-trimmed. Keep their food containers off the floor surface by using newspaper or something more durable to protect the floor.

Caring for hardwood floors may be a little high maintenance but with the right kind of care they will last for years.