If you are in the process of designing your new home, don’t overlook the importance of planning an artful outdoor living space. The chances are good that you’ll want to have a functional outdoor area that adds value to your home and depth to your family life.

Patio Plans For Your Lifestyle

These days, new home builders can discuss their needs with a patio designer to start customizing a plan that suits your unique needs. One of the pros of building your own home is that you have say in how it is designed and built. So, you can have that patio you have always dreamed of. Define which features are most important to you. Your budget and your imagination are your only limitation!   

For those who enjoy serenity in their outdoor environments, water features including fountains, waterfalls, and koi ponds are peaceful and tranquil additions to your patio plan. All of these items complement your overall landscaping and home design, adding value to your environment.

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New home builders who have young children in the house may have a different range of needs for their outdoor patio. For instance, if the home is going to have a pool, putting some security features such as using anti-slip materials around the pool deck and having a lock on the gate prevents accidents and unauthorized use of the pool.

If you plan on entertaining, an outdoor built-in kitchen or BBQ is the perfect place for a weekend get-together. Other ideal patio features for gathering with friends and family include outdoor wood burning and gas fireplaces and fire pits. After all, there is nothing more fun than relaxing around a cozy fire with family and friends on a beautiful evening.

An often overlooked important feature of a beautiful patio is your patio furniture. Choosing the right furniture for the aesthetics and overall look of your patio is essential. Not only that, but making sure it meets your needs. If you plan on making your patio a relaxing place to lounge in, having a set of upright dining style chairs isn’t going to match that vibe. Patio furniture is also some of the most often abused or weathered furniture in and around the home since it’s exposed to the elements almost all the time. As such making sure you protect your patio furniture also needs to be in your mind. Many times even a simple sheet or tarp is enough, but investing in durable, fitted covers can help them last longer.

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Emerging Trends in Patio Design

Current trends in patio design include the use of color and stains, as well as concrete stamping to create a beautiful outdoor patio. The use of stains and colors helps add depth and elegance to a basic concrete slab patio. Patio designers can mimic textures including wood, leather, natural stone, or marble by applying a base coat of stain or color on laid cement.

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Concrete stamping adds visual appeal to your outdoor patio space. Stamping effectively gives the outdoor patio concrete the appearance of higher cost stone including cobblestone, brick, slate, and flagstone. Stamping is affordable and offers multiple options in which homebuilders can choose.

Not sure what deck solution is right for you? Speak to our designers today! We are here to help you design the house you have always dreamed about.