Are you looking for a face lift…for your house? Home renovations are becoming more and more common as people are looking to add not only style, but value, to their homes. If you are looking for a higher sales price to offset the costs associated with moving, check out these renovations that will add some pizzazz to your pad:

External Stone Veneer

Just like a healthy set of white veneers does wonders for your mouth, adding stone to the exterior of your house brings in instant curb appeal. This curb-enhancing upgrade has been shown to bring in a 97% rate of return on any costs incurred from the upgraded look.

Updated Doors

The most popular style of door right now is inspired by distressed wood and barn doors (yet another trend that can be traced to Joanna Gaines). One particular advantage of sliding barn doors is the versatility it gives each room. A pair of sliding barn doors offers privacy when closed and helps give the appearance of a more open floor plan when open. It offers the best of both worlds when you design a home. And barn doors aren’t just beautiful internal additions; a good garage door tops the list when it comes to bringing in a good rate of return. When prospecting house hunters see unique details like a barn-door style garage from the curb, they are sure to pull over to take a look.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

You don’t need to rip down walls to improve the look of this vital piece of your home; an attractive kitchen sets the tone for both cozy nights at home and potential for social and hospitable gatherings. Leaving cabinetry in place and opting instead to replace door fronts and update hardware will give an instant improvement to the look and feel of your kitchen. Swap out laminate countertops, or update with a granite looking epoxy to add some class. Lastly, bring in energy efficient appliances and lay down new laminate to round out your new kitchen space.

Bathroom Boost

A bathroom is an essential piece of any home environment, and goodness knows we spend enough time in there! You want your bathroom space to be both functional and stylish; choose upgrades that make your bathroom look spacious and luxurious. Consider upgrading cabinetry, laying down a heated tile floor, changing out hardware, and adding exciting new porcelain to make your space sparkle. For extra “wow” factor, add a built-in bathroom spa tub — built-in features improve value better than portable ones.

Build An Outdoor Living Space

Adding additional square footage outside by attaching a deck will bring 82% of your remodeling costs back to you come resale. Adding pressure treated wood decks complete with balusters, posts, and railings breathes new life into your home and your landscape. BuildDirect explains thatoutdoor living spaces offer a good return on your investment and increase your property value, depending on where you live and how large the project is. There is a wide range of options from building a full kitchen and living area to simply installing a few accessories on your existing patio.

Before you begin any remodel, spend some time thinking about what you want to get out of the renovation experience. Talk to contractors and consider the cost of doing some of the improvements on your own time as well. Whether or not you end up selling your home, you’ll want to make sure that the work put in is a good return on investment. Happy bidding!