Home building trends are constantly evolving and experiencing upgrades in concepts and technology. While some old standbys will never seem to leave the homebuilding trade, others are making unexpected appearances across the nation. We’re going to discuss four hot building trends for modern houses to see where your ideas are fitting.

Smart Home Upgrades

New homeowners and those who are undergoing renovations often seek to add smart home upgrades. Because automation is a significant part of just about every industry in today’s economy, it’s making emergences in today’s home building and renovation industry as well. Consumers have an interest in everything from smart thermostats to kitchens with full automation.

Central Vacuum System

Source: CentralVac.com

More and more consumers are electing for their modern home constructions to include the incorporation of a central vacuum unit. The main reasons include the fact that the power unit’s location is in the garage. Therefore, all the dirt and noise remain outside of the main house. Modern homeowners also like that they don’t have to pull around heavy canisters, push bulky units, or wrestle with their vacuum when going up their stairs. Instead, they have several outlets throughout their home to plug a long hose into, in order to reach anywhere they would like.

Open Concept

Source: Kugler Construction

While there is still a considerable amount of debate regarding the use of an open concept build, it’s a continuing trend in modern homes. Those who prefer an open concept love the togetherness it creates throughout the household instead of building with closed-in spaces. However, there’s a debate that the lack of confinement establishes a nuisance when aromas from the kitchen invade the rest of the home. Those seeking a modern home design still seek spacious and open floor plans, however, because they prefer the way the rooms flow from one to the other.

Reduced Size

Image Source: BusinessInsider.com

Modern home construction is leaning toward smaller builds. It may be because those seeking modern construction are looking for offshoots of tiny homes. It may also be because those who are retiring desire a home with less upkeep. Sometimes it’s just because there are issues with cost of construction, as well as material costs. No matter the reason, smaller homes are on the rise. Modern construction is seeing younger generations of buyers focusing on homes with a smaller and more practical design. In doing so, they’re finding they can maintain these homes easier and afford to make more modern upgrades during future renovations and remodels.

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