Humans have been using all manner of construction materials ever since we figured out we no longer had to borrow gorilla nests in trees or huddle in caves. Now, contractors and homeowners can make use of materials that our distant or even near ancestors couldn’t imagine. Here are three of them:


Durinox explains, “rebar, or reinforcing bar is made of steel and is used to control cracking as concrete dries and shrinks. It ranges from 1/4 inch to an inch in diameter. Rebar can be made with ridges to grip on to the concrete or can be smooth if it is used in joints that are nonbonding.” Rebar is known for being stronger than wire mesh and because it can bear a heavier load, it is more often used in concrete piers and footings.

Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber is a building material made out of pure plastic. The plastic can be virgin or recycled. Some advantages that plastic lumber has over the traditional wood lumber or even wood/plastic composite is that it is durable and resists insects, rot, mildew and damage from harsh chemicals. Bedford Technology explains, “structural plastic lumber is designed to withstand the most severe environments, but it also helps Mother Nature thrive. Sourced from recycled plastic, this ultra-strong building material is an innovative solution that helps keep millions and millions of pounds of plastic out of the landfill each year.” Because of this, it is considered environmentally friendly.

Blueboard Drywall

Many contractors consider blueboard an improvement over the usual sheetrock drywall that is used in construction. Home Fixated explains, “both drywall and blueboard are made of calcium sulfate and gypsum, but blueboard is covered with a blue paper that gives it its name. The paper isn’t there for looks but has been chemically treated to bond with a special type of plaster. When a builder installs blueboard, they use quick tape then plaster to join the boards. The wall is then covered with a couple of layers of the plaster, which is made to resist holes and other damage.” The result is a wall that looks smoother and more attractive than one made of traditional drywall. Blueboard also takes a much shorter time to install.

Though there are many materials that can and are used for construction, these are three that a modern builder may want to consider. They are either environmentally friendly, resistant to the types of damage other material is subject to, and easier faster to install.

If you’re planning on building a new home, or making some renovations to your existing home, you’re going to need some plans and designs to make sure you’re doing it all correctly.