Doing your research on new home construction is essential when starting out the process. From where the home is located to what kind of appliances are installed, each decision will cost money and it’s one that you will live with for a long time. Unlike buying a previously owned home where you can potentially just move in and unpack, the process of purchasing a new home construction is more complicated. Learn what to consider before jumping in. Then contact Foster Green for all of your contractor needs.

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Weigh the Pros and Cons

When buying a brand new home there are three common ways: a home that is purely built on spec, there are no customizations; having a semi-custom home built so you can choose some of the finishes and upgrades, or a purely custom home which is designed and built to your specifications. Before designing your home down to the type of railing on the stairs, consider whether a new construction home is right for you. Some questions to ask yourself before you hire a contractor and architect.

  • The majority of new construction homes are outside of the downtown area. Consider what your commute to work will be and how far away conveniences like grocery stores, gas stations, and shopping malls are.
  • Landscaping can be a struggle with new home construction because it’s usually in an area without trees and grass. For your beautiful shaded backyard to grow and become lush, it may take many years.
  • Cookie-cutter subdivisions are common with new construction unless you want a purely custom home built on land away from other houses. New construction homes are often built right next to each other. Consider how important space and privacy are to you.

Research Neighborhoods, Real Estate Agents, and Builders

Real Estate Agents:

Real estate agents can be your greatest ally when searching for or building a home, but they also have their quotas to meet. Only you and your family can make the decision that is right for you. Work with an agent that knows the area well and tell them upfront that you are interested in new construction. The agent will accompany you on a tour through a subdivision, if they don’t then the builder of the subdivision will receive the commission for the sale.


When choosing a new home construction subdivision, research the neighborhood and what amenities are included. Walk through the more developed part of the neighborhood and check out the quality of the homes and even ask a few homeowners about their experience. Are cable and internet readily available? Is the neighborhood still under construction? Are there zoning laws? All of these questions will give you an idea of what life will be like in that specific neighborhood. If you don’t want the noise and nuisance of construction in the morning, keep that in mind.


A reliable source to check for bad reviews or complaints is the Better Business Bureau. If there are complaints on file, ask the builder to explain the situation. If the builder has a good reputation and other homeowners can vouch for the quality of the home, you can be sure that your new construction home will be too.

building contractorsKnow What is Included and What is Extra

There are both amenities and upgrades. Amenities are within the subdivision itself, like a clubhouse, fitness center or pool. Take into consideration that there may be an HOA fee. Upgrades consist of granite countertops, real hardwood floors or stainless steel appliances, as opposed to cheaper options. Knowing what you want in a home in the beginning will save you time and money.

Inspection and Home Warranty

When you make the final decision and want to build a new construction home, make sure that the contract includes having an inspection done by someone you hire. It’s always possible for codes violations to be missed and having your own independent inspection done will ensure that everything is as it should be. If it’s possible, have an inspection done during the entire process, so that if anything needs to be repaired will be found and it will be easier to fix. Warranties can vary in length, but generally last one to 10 years. Make sure the warranty states what is included and you can always have your real estate agent look it over.

Buying a new construction home is exciting, but it can be complicated. First of all, be sure that it really is what you want. As with any other home, you are committing yourself to a mortgage, so it needs to be something that fits your lifestyle. Do your research and when you are ready, call Foster Green and we’ll help you out.