1. Eliminate the Shock Factor: Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Electrical Hazards

    One of the most common accidents that could happen in your home is someone getting electrocuted. Your house is likely filled with electronic equipment and electrical outlets, so it can be easy for these accidents to occur. Thankfully, they also are one of the easiest hazards to avoid. Here are three ways to reduce the risk of electrocution taking place inside your home. Electrical Hazards Electric…Read More

  2. Can Automation Improve Your Home's Value

    Can Automation Improve Home Value?

    Smart homes are quickly becoming the future of real estate. Between enhanced security and automated actions, the possibilities are endless for what is to come. With these features quickly finding their ways into newer homes, home values are likely to reflect whether or not these features are integrated. Added Security The advent of smart locks and cloud security cameras has taken home security to …Read More