1. 3 Tips for Keeping Your New Kitchen in Pristine Condition

    As the most used room in the home, the kitchen is a space where residents spend several hours throughout the week cooking, entertaining, and spending time together. If you have a new kitchen, you may want to keep it in excellent condition to maintain the quality of the setting. If you're ready to keep your new kitchen pristine as it's used, there are a few main tips to follow. Keep Counters Clutte…Read More

  2. Indoor Air Quality in Healthy Homes Gives Better Health

    Indoor Air Quality and Better Health Did you know the air inside your home or office is often worse than outside air? We are used to thinking of the indoors as a safe haven from pollution. Yet research has indicated that the indoor environment may be as much as ten times more polluted than the outdoor environment.  Since most of us spend most of our time indoors, it would be wise to ensure our in…Read More