The kitchen makes the home, right? So many times you see the image of a family gathered in the kitchen, catching up and having a great time. But what makes the kitchen? The cabinets! In order for a kitchen to be both functional and welcoming, well-designed custom cabinets need to both stand out as a beautiful focal point and blend in with the rest of the house. Kitchen cabinet designs go in and out of style, just like other features of a house. So what is new in cabinets today? Find out now, then contact Foster Green to remodel your kitchen with new designed cabinets that fit today’s style, and will also fit tomorrow’s style.

kitchen design

#1 – Functional Design

A working family means a busy family. A family who doesn’t have the time to spend to find the right lid for the pot. Functional storage is essential in any modern kitchen. In the past, functional meant cabinets that included a lazy Susan and a spice rack. Today, small spaces have thin cabinets that hold cookie sheets or cutting boards. Pull out, or sliding cabinets, offer both functionality and space saving features. A larger drawer can pull out and then a smaller drawer inside that can hold smaller items that would otherwise be lost.

#2 – Automation

A busy family also means a messy family. With kids coming in and out of the kitchen with dirty hands, having faucets that turn on and off with a motion sensor will help with cleanup. Handles, or the faucet itself, will have to be cleaned less frequently without smudgy fingerprints all over them. Automation is even possible in the kitchen cabinets themselves. Hardware manufacturers are designing cabinets and drawers that use hydraulics to open and close. Cabinet doors don’t always have to open from left to right, or right to left. They can slide up, from bottom to top, so that the doors won’t be in the way anymore.

custom cabinets

#3 – Mixing Materials

In either countertops or kitchen cabinets, mixing materials offers the eye different colors and textures to focus on. In a countertop, mix a wood edge for warmth and a marble top to cool it down. In the cabinets, try frosted glass which gives a unique look and still retains privacy. Play around with different materials as well. Wood cabinets and concrete countertops, especially, are a modern way to achieve a fashionable kitchen.

#4 – Embellishments

Add some jazz to your cabinets. They no longer need to be just boxes on the wall. With flourishes that are similar to furniture, custom cabinets with embellishments add another focal point. Adding fancy feet, arched openings, carvings, cutouts, and moldings, are decorative ways to give your kitchen cabinets an upgraded style.

For kitchen design and custom cabinets, contact Foster Green for any home construction needs. Give your family a kitchen that they want to spend their time in. We are experts at woodworking, kitchen design, and kitchen remodeling. For the best in home remodeling, contact Foster Green and see what we can do for your home.