Many times the bathroom is a space where you can get away and retreat from the hectic day. After a long day of work or on a Sunday afternoon, a long hot bath in your newly remodeled bathroom can be just the ticket. Or on days when a bath seems like a dream, you can breathe easy just having a space that is all your own, even if it is just for a few minutes. When considering a bathroom remodel, here are some current trends to incorporate into your new retreat.

Bathroom Remodel

Ease of Use

When you need to get away from it all, you want to be able to get there quickly. A space that is easy to use and maneuver will make the experience smoother with a natural flow. Remodel your bathroom with a shower that isn’t cut off from the rest of the space, but is simply a cohesive area that is combined with the rest of the bathroom. Instead of having to step through a door or shower curtain into a tub/shower, you can easily walk straight into the shower. If a bathtub is a must in your master bathroom remodel, create an open “wet room” space that has both a shower and a tub.


You can never have too much storage space, even in a bathroom. Whether it’s a first floor half bath or your master bathroom, bathroom cabinets can be a large part of your remodel. Incorporating a cabinet design that is floor to ceiling will be an efficient use of space and will come in handy when you need extra space for towels, toiletries, or overflow from other rooms in the house. Bathroom cabinets are a must when you want to keep a clean and organized space.

Open Shelving

If open shelving is still just a trend in bathroom remodels, it’s proven to be a powerful one. Open shelving can make a smaller space feel more open rather than having cabinet doors opening up into the space. Built-in open shelving is an efficient and smart use of cabinet design for those who want to give their bathroom a spa feel. Towels, lotions, and vases of flowers can be displayed, and the shelving can still be functional.

Bathroom CabinetsIn-Floor Heating

Cold Chicago winters aren’t friendly to your feet, especially in a bathroom with tile floors. With in-floor heating, you can wake up in the morning with toasty feet or get out of the shower without worrying about a cold floor. The radiant heating in the floor is more energy efficient than one would expect, using electric mats that are easy to install and work off your current electrical system. The other method for in-floor heating is pumping water through pipes in the floor, which requires a pump. With a stone or tile floor, the material will hold the heat longer, letting you enjoy warm feet all morning.


Because many bathrooms don’t have windows, lighting is an essential part of a bathroom remodel. Recessed lighting beneath new bathroom cabinets, along the baseboards, or lights in the shower itself, are a few of the endless possibilities. A build-in cabinet and vanity with lighting will give a sense of luxury and ease. Dimming lights throughout the bathroom will make bath time for the whole family more enjoyable.

Beautiful cabinet design for storage, lighting, heating, and walk-in showers… it will be hard to leave your bathroom in the morning. For a classic, beautiful, and unique bathroom remodel, Foster Green is your source for quality craftsmanship that can’t be beat. Finishing touches that prove attention to detail is used for every remodel, you can rely on us to give you a bathroom of your dreams.